How to choose the right packaging

When choosing a cosmetic product, a customer pays attention to a few factors, such as brand, price and packaging.  They need just a few seconds to make the decision about purchase.

Packaging must be effective and it must attract the customer’s attention.  We want our customers and target group to like it. It should inspire trust. It is through the packaging that we create, manage and position the brand. A well-selected closure, colour and design of the product considerably influence the success of a cosmetic product.

Originals solutions will help us to excite the customer’s interest, we should not try to imitate others. Sometimes, one small element can distinguish our product from the competition, for example an interesting form of cap or pump. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Often, we don’t realize how much the customer’s perception of the product is influenced by properly selected packaging colour, for example white, green and blue are colors, which inspire trust.

We have to remember that the packaging must be well selected to match the price level of the product or a particular customer group. It should indicate the product’s position on the market with its image: a cheap or expensive cosmetic.

Packaging should also protect the cosmetic, hence it is so important to carefully select the material that a bottle or jar is to made of (glass, plastic or metal).

Packaging selected perfectly along specific content creates an ideal product for your customer.

Packaging is the main way products are advertised. Its look, form and colour attract the customer’s eye. Packaging performs a few basic functions. Its fundamental objective is to protect the product. Hence, it is so important to choose the right packaging type, closure, material it is made from, and colours, which will all protect the cosmetic from harmful external factors.

In addition, packaging must comply with the legal regulations applicable in a particular country.

Should the form of the packaging follow the current trends? Here it is us who make this decision: shall we choose standard forms of bottles, jars and closures, or shall we look for modern solutions, adding original caps or dyeing the packaging in a flashy colour?

From the marketing point of view, packaging promotes the sale of the product. Its role is to strengthen our brand in the market.  Furthermore, packaging must be easy to use, so the customers have no problems with applying the product. And packaging must be easy to read and understand (label, expiry date, ingredients, application). It should be selected in a way to ensure smooth storing, transportation and displaying on a store shelf.

We have to remember that properly selected packaging influences the positive image of not only the product, but also the whole company.  We will offer our customers the best product if we take into account the above mechanism and features.