Packland specializes in supplying packaging containers for cosmetics, cleaning detergents, pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements. The containers are designed by the specialists with the comprehensive and inside knowledge of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. The experience that we gathered in the international environment allowed us to create the portfolio, which consists of the best quality packaging containers sourced from leading manufactures across the world. Our product range include all types of containers: bottles, jars, dispensers, roll-ons and a wide selection of closures: caps, pumps, atomizers, triggers. You can also find in our portfolio a wide array of decorations and prints.

We are expanding our product range every day continuously adding new kinds of packaging. Additionally, our specialists will be happy to assist and support you with the appropriate product selection. Many containers are available immediately. To find out more about our products please check our product range.

Thanks to our knowledge, passion and experience, we guarantee top-notch quality of products and service. By choosing us, you can be sure that you are working with the best specialists on the market.










Our company, in addition to a wide range of packaging, offers extra services. We perform all kinds of decorations, such as printing, metallization, hot stamping and engraving.

Furthermore, we offer product designing and rebranding services. Together we will create an interesting packaging label, and we will select the right colour of packaging for a specific product.  We will refresh the image of your existing product, giving it a completely new and modern look.  Standard or original? The decision is yours.